How To Peel A Coconut

Before you get to drink your after workout coconut water, make coconut milk in your favorite Omega Vert Juicer, or use it in your four layer coconut cake dessert, you need to learn how to open it.

To reach the coconut water, you can use special coconut opening tool or a clean screw driver. Coconuts have a face with eyes,, nose and mouth.

Seams run the middle of the two “eyes”  and point to a “nose. ” The “mouth” is below the nose.

“Eyes” are shell-hard and the mouth forms a soft  part. Using your coconut opening tool you can puncture a hole in the mouth which is easy and a hole in one of the eyes which is harder.

Once done you tilt the coconut and pour the water out. The water should be clear.

After your pour the water out, you can use a hammer or the back end of a heavy cleaver to tap and turn. Tap and turn and repeat. After a  little practice you’ll get hang of how much force you need to generate.

The result is a crack in the middle that runs all the way through. Your coconut breaks in two halves.

Now you need to separate the meat. You can scoop it up with specialized tools. One is a sturdy paring-like knife that shreds and scoops. The other is  a round meat removal knife that fit the shape of the coconut and gets underneath the meat. Regardless of what you use, be prepared to put some elbow grease in it.

There is another method that requires planning and the least effort and that is what you see in the video below.